About Acevedo Torero Art Foundation

The Acevedo Torero Art Foundation is dedicated to the creation, preservation, conservation, apreciation, and promotion of Chicano Art work and Artists and the idea of Artivism, Activism through art works in San Diego, Barrio Logan, Chicano Park and throughout the world. 

The ATAF is vehicle to increase participation and creation of artists and audiences for art through Chicano Art education, community art and mural projects, Chicano Art Culture and History Curriculum development and dissemenation and conferences, celebrations and exchange of Chicano Arts and Culture through digital, print media, film, television, podcasts and community storytelling projects. 

The ATAF is the vision and legacy of father and son artists/painters/muralists Guillermo Acevedo father and Mario Torero son. Guilermo Acevedo and his son are both Peruvian born immigrants who mixed their indigenous and European roots with the mezcla of Central American, Latin American, African and Asian American neighbors and community members in their home city, San Diego.

Both Artists have made great contributions to the greater Chicano and community arts landscape through galleries, community art centers, commissions, univercity, municipal and local government partnerships that have touched thousands of lives and have spanned decades of artistic influence.



The Acevedo Torero Art Foundation is led by Mario Acevedo Torero who has worked as a muralist, painter, teacher, lecturer, community organizer and “Artivist” for over sixty years.  A founding muralist of the world reknown Chicano Park in San Diego’s Barrio Logan district, Torero’s vision of preserving the legacy of his father’s work and the promotion and appreciation of a uniquely Chicano Arts Culture through “Artivism”, Community Art Projects, International Exchange, Lectures, Tours, Murals and Residencies has made him a catalyst and  ever inspiring force of nature for the cultural arts scene for generations young and old. 

Mario is supported on the executive board by a creative, adminstrative, financial and legal team of executives and community members who bring their individual area of expertise and knowledge to the goals and vision of promoting Chicano Arts and Culture through Storytelling, 



  • Guillermo Acevedo Arcives
  • Mario Torero Archives
  • Chicano Park Founding Muralists Archives
  • Archives of  70 years of articles, interviews, publications
  • Recordings of Interviews with Torero/Acevedo
  • Recordings of Interviews with Chicano Artists/Activists

Education and Outreach

  • Chicano Park Tours
  • Workshops on Artivism
  • Ted Talks
  • Guest Lectures
  • Touring Exhibitions
  • International Cultural Exchange
  • Artist Residencies at Mundo Gallery in San Diego

Restoration and Documentation

  • Proposal Writing for Chicano Park Restoration
  • Events and Cultural Promotion
  • Celebrations and Promotion of Arts and Culture
  • Art Events
  • Podcasts
  • Documentation of Muralist and Park Narratives


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