Community Mural Projects

Community Murals  are a form of dancing…

Many forces come together to make a community mural possible. The Acevedo Torero Foundation has as its mission 50 community mural projects in the next five years in commemoration of Fifty Years of Chicano Park.  Some community murals are collaborations between elementary schools, middle schools and or high schools and a non profit arts organization or a city or municipal institution.  The Acevedo Torero Arts Foundation sees the process of creating, funding, and executing a mural an interactive dynamic process where all the voices of the community can be heard. It is a process of IDENTITY, EXPRESSION, CELEBRATION and COMMEMORATION.  Community murals are truly a form of public art for all in that they are on display 24/7 with no entrance fee required.  They are a truly democratic institution in that they are created for the benefit of the whole community.

Are You Interested in a Community Mural and need Funding?

The Acevedo Torero Art Foundation interfaces with a myriad of municipal, state, and federal Arts and Culture organizations as well as public agencies and private foundations and other partners to make your Community Mural a  reality.

Are You Interested in having a Community Mural at your school, library, rec center or business?

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